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August 14, 2019

Is Environmental Friendliness Worth Recycled Glass Countertops Prices? 


recycled glass countertops pricesIf you’re looking for an environmentally friendly kitchen remodeling, you may be wondering if the recycled glass countertops prices are actually worth the difference that they make to the environment.  The trick is to get to know the impact that these surfaces will have on the planet as well as to your kitchen, so that you know if they justify the recycled glass countertop prices that you will be paying.  Use the following to get to know what these luxury kitchen work surfaces are all about and decide whether or not they are worthy of their cost.

Are recycled glass countertops prices worth: reducing garbage going to landfills?

Though you may be paying luxury recycled glass countertops prices, much of the materials used for these surfaces are repurposed from everyday items.  This means that instead of sending glass to landfills, it will be given a new life as a stylish, elegant part of your kitchen.  Glass from many different sources can be diverted from garbage dumps.  It may include clear or colored bottles, jars and mirrors, as well as regular glass windows, broken stained glass windows, or even more obscure items such as the colored glass from traffic lights.  If it was originally made out of glass, the odds are that it can be repurposed into material for your counter.  All of those items would have ended up in the garbage, but can be diverted instead, as long as you feel it’s worth the recycled glass countertops prices.

Are recycled glass countertop prices worth: one of a kind style?

Because of the nature of these surfaces, the recycled glass countertops prices you pay not only include a high quality luxury counter, but also one that is highly customizable and that is one of a kind, every time.  Even if you choose a more standard shape and edge style, the glass treatments and textures will always guarantee that no two pieces are ever alike.  Whether you choose a look based on crushed glass, frosted glass, broken glass, or texture treatments such as sand blasting, shattering, or slumping, the result in your kitchen will be purely yours.  You can also choose from among different kinds of colored glass, translucent treatments, or opaque coatings.  That said, if you are an individual looking for a more predictable and uniform in style, this may limit your possibilities.

Are recycled glass countertops prices worth: as much as pure glass surfaces?

Depending on the design and manufacturer, recycled glass countertops prices can be as high as those for pure glass counters. Both surfaces require the same amount of care, where the main struggle is keeping the surface free of smudges so that it gleams.  Typically, simply drying the surface with a towel is enough to keep the watermarks away, but some vigilance is required.   If you shop around and do your homework, the odds are that you will be able to find recycled glass countertops prices that are lower than a solid glass sheet.  This, combined with the environmentally friendly nature of the recycled surface allows you to feel comfortable with the amount that you are spending. 

Are recycled glass countertops prices worth:  their cost?

Now that you know the many strengths and few weaknesses of these environmentally friendly surfaces, you need to know what they cost to decide if you want to pay recycled glass countertops prices.  The amount you will pay varies, depending on the manufacturer, type of glass included, thickness, edge treatment, texture treatment, coloring, and other factors.  On average, though, recycled glass countertops prices will typically start in around $50 per square foot and will increase from there. This cost is competitive with other good quality luxury counters.

As you debate recycled glass countertops prices versus those of slabs of glass or other types of counter, keep in mind all of the advantages and drawbacks of these surfaces, including their environmental impact, to help you to make the right choice.

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