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August 14, 2019

4 Steps to Buy the Best Recycled Glass Countertops 


recycled glass countertopsRecycled glass countertops are a kitchen surface that is growing in recognition and popularity along with the efforts people are making for green renovations.  As garbage dumps become overly filled and climate change becomes increasingly obvious through the harsh winters and violent summer storms, every effort that we can make to reduce our environmental impact becomes increasingly important. 

That being said, selections such as recycled glass countertops give us the opportunity to opt for a major kitchen remodeling element that is made of 100 percent post consumer and pre-consumer glass materials, within a petroleum- or cement-based binder, for a more eco-  friendly product that diverts materials from landfills.  This style of manufacturing also provides a wide range of luxurious options for style, shape, color, texture, and other appealing practical and visual elements.  The question then becomes: how do you choose the best eco-friendly recycled glass countertops for your own kitchen?  Use the following steps to get you started.

Step 1 to choose recycled glass countertops:  find your kitchen style

Before you’ll be able to select the right recycled glass countertops for your kitchen style, you need to know what that look is.  Will you be renovating your entire kitchen, or just replacing the counter?  Have you chosen your color scheme?  Do you have a particular theme in mind?  Have a look at interior designing magazines or consult with an interior designer to get to know the look that you will enjoy the most.  Don’t forget that function will be as important as appearance, so your kitchen’s new design will need to suit your food prep and entertaining needs, as well.

Step 2 to choose recycled glass countertops:  select your materials 

As you research your recycled glass countertops, have a look at the materials that comprise them.  Do you want the glass to be mixed with cement or with environmentally friendly resins?  If you’re trying to be as eco-friendly as possible, you may steer away from the cement option, as it has a reputation for being harder on the environment than the petroleum-based polymers.  Moreover, petroleum never needs to be sealed, which makes it easier to maintain and uses fewer chemicals over time. If the green element is indeed your key reason for choosing recycled glass countertops, then you will want to find a manufacturer that uses as much recycled glass and as little other elements within the material blend, aiming closer to the 85 percent mark than the lower 70 percentage.

Step 3 to choose recycled glass countertops:  find the right edge

Recycled glass countertops can be finished with any of several very attractive edge treatments.  Among the most popular from which to choose are:

  • Polished – this is by far the most common edge style, with a smooth, sleek, and contemporary appearance.  It gives recycled glass countertops a sophisticated depth and is increasingly attractive with the thickness of the surface.
  • Textured – this edge treatment gives the surface a rougher, more rugged look similar to that of natural stone or rock.  This look complements both contemporary and traditional designs.
  • Brushed – this is a modern edge and the one that has been created the most recently.  It is ideal for modern and contemporary kitchens and has a unique linear design.

Step 4 to choose recycled glass countertops : pick the thickness

Recycled glass countertops come in several different thicknesses.  The standard is between ¾ of an inch to 1.5 inches, with the latter being the most popular.  That said, when you would like a thicker countertop for greater strength or a different style, they are also available.  The 2 inch thickness gives an added element of strength above the standard.  The 3 inch thickness adds strength as well as an added visual benefit.  The 4 inch thickness in recycled glass countertops is considered to be the ultimate luxury glass surface.

When you’ve decided that recycled glass countertops will be one of the environmentally friendly efforts that you will make in your remodeling project, there are several additional decisions that you need to make to ensure that it also matches your kitchen. With these steps, you’ll be able to make the right choices every time.

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