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August 14, 2019

Recycled Wood Countertops Are Your Green Alternative 


recycled wood countertops When it comes to making a real difference in your home, using recycled wood countertops can help you to know that you’re minimizing your environmental impact.  After all, a home improvement isn’t something that you can feel truly proud of unless you know that you’re not causing harm to the world around you.  But how do recycled wood countertops made out of reclaimed materials hold up in a real kitchen?  Should they be your first choice, or are there drawbacks to this material that will only make you regret your decision?  Get to know about this material to help to make your decision.

Recycled wood countertops: finding what you want

When you’re considering recycled wood countertops, your first step is to find out who is selling that product in your area.  That will allow you to discover what your options are, such as types of wood, including oak, walnut, maple, cherry, and other favorites.  Because these are reclaimed materials, your options may be more limited than if you were working with new materials, as the company will only be able to offer you the materials they have at the time. 

The longer you are willing to wait, the better your chances of finding precisely what you want.  It is a good idea to bring the measurements of the dimensions you require so that the company’s representative will be able to help you find the materials that will fit your specific kitchen.  Be ready to keep your mind open to recycled wood countertops slabs that have embedded knots, uneven edges, or even sanded nail heads.  You aren’t looking for perfection when you want recycled wood countertops, you’re looking for unique style and function.

Recycled wood countertops: choosing a finish

Recycled wood countertops, like all wooden surfaces, are prone to damage if they are not protected against water.  This means that you will need to choose a finish.  Though the most popular choice for recycled wood countertops is mineral oil because it is effective and it is safe for surfaces where food is being prepared, the downside is that it needs to be reapplied on a regular basis.  Though a permanent petroleum-based treatment does exist, it is preferred for surface areas instead of food prep.  There are combination products made for recycled wood countertops to protect and enrich the color of reclaimed material.  These are made out of wax, linseed oil, and catalytic driers and gives a smoother finish to the wood.  Try to choose an option that is eco-friendly so that you can continue to do your part for the environment with your recycled wood countertops installation.

Recycled wood countertops: gauging the cost

There are many different factors that go into the final price of recycled wood countertops.  Factors that are taken into consideration include the history of the surface and the species of the wood.  They typically range from $40 to over $100 per square foot.

By adding recycled wood countertops to your home improvement project, you’ll bring gorgeous, unique surfaces into your kitchen and divert them from landfills.  Though they’re not for everyone, you’ll certainly have reason to be proud of this part of your kitchen’s function and d├ęcor.

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