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February 15, 2020

5 Reasons Why Small Kitchen Carts are Great in Tiny Spaces 


small kitchen carts Small kitchen carts can feel like a lifesaver when you have a very little, compact kitchen.  Fortunately, they are not difficult to find, are highly affordable (especially if you can find one at a good discount), and come in a wide variety of styles to match your d├ęcor.  That being the case, have a look at the following reasons why small kitchen carts can make a big difference in the limited space of your own kitchen, to help you to know why this could be the best furniture purchase you’ve ever made.

Reason 1: Small kitchen carts add counter space

In a very compact kitchen, the odds are that trying to find  some counter space is a constant battle.  Small kitchen carts can solve that problem by adding another little surface on which you can prepare food or sit your small appliances such as your toaster, coffee maker, or microwave.  In a tiny room, every bit of surface space counts, and small kitchen carts can help to add a whole new level of functional space to your room.

Reason 2: Small kitchen carts add storage space

Just as there is a small amount of counter and workspace in a compact kitchen, storage areas are also limited.  Small kitchen carts can add that little bit of extra square footage that you need as an extra cupboard, surface, racks, drawers, or shelving space to store those extra kitchen items that just can’t seem to find a home in the current design and features of the room.

Reason 3: Small kitchen carts can be moved or stored elsewhere

Though small kitchen carts may be used for food prep or cooking, there may not be enough room in a very tiny kitchen to keep them there all of the time.  If you find small kitchen carts with good quality rubber casters or heavy duty casters, you can use the surface and storage when you need them, and simply roll it out of the way for the rest of the time.  This lets you open up the kitchen when you need a bit more maneuvering space, and store the cart somewhere else in the home that has more available space when that furniture is not being used.  This lets you get the very most out of every square inch available in your little kitchen.

Reason 4:  Small kitchen carts can add features to a very basic room

It can be very difficult to have many additional features in a little or compact kitchen.  Small kitchen carts let you wheel in some handy additional features such as a butcher block or cutting board, a wine rack, a towel bar, and a knife block.  All of these features can be shifted about the room to be used wherever they are most convenient, as the piece is on wheels and is therefore not limited to a single stationary position.  Therefore, you not only have the feature you want, but you have it right where you need it, too.

Reason 5: There are small kitchen carts to fit every budget

Because small kitchen carts are little, they don’t use as much of the materials that would be used in a larger piece, and therefore don’t cost as much.  This allows you to either choose an inexpensive piece to fit a limited budget, or you can upgrade a number of the materials, such as using a grey granite countertop instead of maple, or nickel plated hardware instead of 16 gauge stainless steel.  You may also take the opportunity to add on additional features that would have been more expensive in a larger model.

These are only a few of the reasons that small kitchen carts can improve upon a compact kitchen.  When you bring the right one home, you’re certain to discover many more with every day that it is used.

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