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August 14, 2019

How to Incorporate a Stainless Steel Countertop with Sink into Your Kitchen Decor 


stainless steel countertop with sinkA stainless steel countertop with sink is the preference in the restaurant kitchens of top chefs. Homeowners seeking to take advantage of the same benefits are starting to choose this metal on an increasing basis.  However, one of the main struggles that they face once they begin their remodeling is how to add a stainless steel countertop with sink installation to their kitchen without ending up with a room that feels too industrial. 

If you have been thinking about a stainless steel countertop with sink for your own kitchen, this décor dilemma may be something that you have faced, as well.  The cold and sterile appearance can be avoided, as long as the right decorating techniques are chosen.  The following can help to guide you to use those techniques.

Combine wood with your stainless steel countertop with sink

Though a stainless steel countertop with sink can go well with appliances with the same metal finish, try to soften the look of the rest of the décor of the kitchen by adding some wood elements.  Pale to medium shades of wood on cabinets and cupboard doors, as well as furniture such as the kitchen table, and/or the floors, can complement the surface very nicely and effectively warm up the space.  To make sure that the room doesn’t just look like a monochromatic mass of wood with a stainless steel center, add the right accent elements to tie the two materials together. 

For example, wooden cabinetry around stainless steel countertop with sink can feature brushed steel hardware.  The counter itself could offer some of its space to a butcher block.  As you can’t do your chopping and slicing directly against the counter surface, the butcher block is also a highly practical feature.  Don’t forget to warm the walls with a taupe, oatmeal, or mushroom shade of paint.  This will make the room appear much less stark than white or gray walls.

Add bursts of color to a stainless steel countertop with sink

Even if you have appliances, a stainless steel countertop with sink, and a backsplash all made out of the same material, you can cut through the sameness of the metal used throughout the kitchen by adding vibrant colors.  For example, opt for small appliances (like a coffee maker or blender)  in bright red or lime green.  A decorative fruit bowl that you will keep filled with your favorite fruits such as apples or oranges can provide all the contrast you need against the metallic surface.  You can even choose cooking utensils in bright colors, such as colored silicone tongs and spatulas or knives with colored handles. Other accents such as placemats, floor mats, and a centerpiece for your kitchen table – such as a pillar candle on a decorative dish – will give a burst of vibrancy that will attract the eye.

The traditional use for a stainless steel countertop with sink may be a commercial-sized kitchen, but it doesn’t mean that the metal surface can’t offer you a warm and welcoming kitchen.  As long as you use the right techniques and pay attention to color, you’ll take advantage of the surface top chefs prefer but will still be proud to invite guests to see it.

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