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June 29, 2020

How Stainless Steel Countertops are Custom Made and Installed 


stainless steel countertopsStainless steel countertops are kitchen work surfaces made of a metal alloy that has a chromium content of about 10 percent.  This element of kitchen remodeling is durable, smooth, shiny, easy to clean, free of seams, highly customizable, and is not easily scratched or dented.  They are the preferred choice of professional chefs and are making significant headway into residential homes. 

Due to their popularity, the majority of manufacturers of kitchen counters include them among their offerings.  But how are these surfaces custom made to fit your kitchen?  The following is the process followed by these manufacturers to turn a standard metal into an integral part of your kitchen’s d├ęcor and function.

Making custom stainless steel countertops for your kitchen

Stainless steel countertops start as a sheet of the metal that is typically sold for about $20 to $80 per square foot.  The company you choose will take specifications from you regarding the design you would like.  This may include a backsplash and other added features.  You will also need to choose the type of edge style you prefer, the finish you desire, and any other additions you would like to include.

A technician from the company will likely want to come to your home to take the measurements him or herself to make sure that the stainless steel countertops will be the right size and will be perfectly aligned with the built in features of your kitchen such as sinks, cooktops, and electrical sockets. 

The company will then be able to let you know how many sheets of stainless steel it will take to complete the project and produce your stainless steel countertops.  Depending on the gauge of stainless steel, the finish you choose, the edge type you select, and the overall quality, the finished product will likely cost anywhere between $120 to $160 per square foot (including the installation fee).  For stainless steel countertops, you should choose a gauge between 14 and 16.

With your specific information, the company will then mold and weld the metal sheet into the shape and size needed for your kitchen.  The holes for the faucets, sinks, and any other built-in features are then carefully cut through the sheet for a custom fit with your home.

Installing stainless steel countertops

Though installing stainless steel countertops is relatively straightforward, it will require a professional installation.  The builder will bring the pre-cut, shaped, and designed sheets into your home and attach them to a backing made out of plywood that either already exists on your cabinet or that will be installed ahead of the stainless steel countertops themselves.  The backing is essential for supporting the surface, but it also plays an important role in sound reduction, as this metal is known for being rather noisy when it is struck.  The backing dulls the sound of the metal.  The sink, backsplash, and any other additional parts will be welded into place at this time.  After that, the stainless steel countertops are ready to use, and your installer should give you a few tips about the proper care of your new product.

Stainless steel countertops are a relatively straightforward kitchen element to manufacture and install, and it is not difficult to find a company that will do the job for you.  All you need is to decide how you’d like the finished product to look, and they will do the rest.

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