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August 14, 2019

How to Get the Most Out of Shopping for Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets


unfinished kitchen cabinetsChoosing an unfinished kitchen cabinet design for your home gives you a lot of opportunity to save money and customize the style you achieve in your room decorating.  That being said, because it is an unfinished kitchen cabinet – that is, ready to sand with no varnish or stain applied – it will take a bit of knowledge and effort on your part to obtain the final results that you want, within the budget that you have set for the remodeling project.  Use the following information to help you to make sure that you buy the best possible unfinished kitchen cabinet options for the lowest price so that nothing holds you back from achieving the look and style you want.


Buying an unfinished kitchen cabinet

To find the actual unfinished kitchen cabinet that is right for your installation, use the following tips:

  • Accurately measure your current cabinetry.  Use graph paper to make a couple of sketches with associated notes to remind yourself about the position of certain elements such as sinks, windows, appliances, doors and other factors that will determine the size and shape of the unfinished kitchen cabinet you’ll want to buy.
  • Make a list of the various features that you want so that you’ll be able to achieve the right style for the room.  Have a look at pictures online and in magazines to give you some additional ideas in terms of layout shapes, and colors.  Don’t forget to keep your storage requirements in mind as this is the primary practical function of an unfinished kitchen cabinet.
  • Before you buy a particular unfinished kitchen cabinet make sure that you know the final look you want so that you can be certain that the material will be able to achieve it.  Don’t forget to factor in durability and quality, not just outward appearance.

Finding a good quality unfinished kitchen cabinet for the best price

Now that you know what type of product you’re interested in buying, it’s time to learn how to determine the highest quality for the best price.

  • Use your yellow pages and the internet to find retailers nearby that sell unfinished kitchen cabinet products, so you know your shopping destination choices.
  • With the help of the websites of those businesses, or visits in person, take notes regarding the cost, quality, and durability of the unfinished kitchen cabinet products offered by each store.  This will allow you to perform an accurate comparison and determine who sells the best unfinished kitchen cabinet and where it is offered for the least amount of money.
  • Don’t forget to factor in additional elements that contribute to the price and value of the unfinished kitchen cabinet products that you buy, such as warranties, delivery, and installation costs.

By taking time to do your research, being prepared with the information you need about your expectations for the different types of unfinished kitchen cabinet you’ll want to buy, you’ll be capable of zeroing in on just the item you need and the location that will sell it to you for the most favorable total cost.

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