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August 14, 2019

Why Choose White Kitchen Cabinets for Your Kitchen Remodeling?


white kitchen cabinetsIn the first stages of your remodeling project, you have likely been faced with the decision as to whether white kitchen cabinets are appropriate for your home.  After all, there are so many different choices of cabinet and countertop color available that narrowing it down to a single selection can be a daunting task.  On top of that, there are decorating styles and trends that need to be followed to a certain degree in order to ensure that you won’t simply be installing white kitchen cabinets that look dated even when they’re brand new. 

Fortunately, white kitchen cabinets are different from other colors and have a long list of reasons why they would be suitable to complement a number of various decorating  styles.  Use the following list of reasons that white kitchen cabinets are a good idea for your remodeling designs to help you to make your final choice:

Reason 1: white kitchen cabinets give the illusion of a larger room

No matter what the size of the room, white kitchen cabinets will help to brighten it and open it up.  This is because the cabinetry represents up to 70 percent of the color of the entire space.  Though this result is especially important for a smaller kitchen, even larger ones can benefit from the light, airy feeling that they will lend to the area.  When you want to open up the room at the heart of your home, then white kitchen cabinets will help to do that job very effectively.

Reason 2: white kitchen cabinets match all other colors

White kitchen cabinets are uniquely stylish in that they will match any other color that you wish to add to your kitchen.  Therefore, even if you want to change color of the floors, walls, countertops, appliances, or furniture, your choices won’t be limited by your white kitchen cabinets.  Even the hardware can be changed to virtually any color and you don’t need to worry about having to find a specific type of match.

Reason 3: white kitchen cabinets are highly versatile

No matter your style of choice – from contemporary to country – white kitchen cabinets will fit right in.  Because this color is so popular, it is available in pre-fabricated pieces and ready to assemble kits in many different styles.  These looks can range from simple to intricate, depending on the final appearance you desire. That said, for a truly personalized look, you can also choose custom white kitchen cabinets to ensure that perfect fit.

Reason 4: white kitchen cabinets are easy to match to existing cabinetry

When you only want to replace some of your cabinetry but not all of it – for example, only that under an island or only the under-counter storage, but not those above – it is much easier to find white kitchen cabinets that will match or complement your existing pieces than it is to try to match wood or another color. 

By choosing white kitchen cabinets, you are opting for a look that will forever remain in fashion and that will allow you the chance to keep changing your kitchen around the cabinetry, without having to replace or refinish it.

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