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August 14, 2019

3 Steps to Designing the Perfect White Kitchen Carts


white kitchen cartsWhite kitchen carts are a special, timeless color that can give the room a kind of timeless, yet contemporary clean and fresh feeling. They are the perfect shade for matching just about every kind of décor, so that you can have a lot of security in choosing one that will suit your home.  Furthermore, by selecting white kitchen carts, you are left with a great deal of freedom for the color of the cabinetry, walls, countertops, hardware, and fixtures, as it is rare for white to conflict with any other tones.  If you are considering adding white kitchen carts to the styles you’ve established in your kitchen, then you have only made the first choice in your cart design. 

There are also a number of different styles from which to choose, such as sleek contemporary, modern, cozy, or warm country.  Textures will also give you a great deal of freedom to change the overall look of white kitchen carts and the room itself, transforming an ordinary piece into something a bit more unique and impressive.  Use the following three steps to move away from cookie-cutter designs and add some personal flair to the furniture you choose.

Step 1: Look for white kitchen carts with some stylish imperfections

Though the word “imperfection” may make it sound like you’re considering white kitchen carts that have been damaged or poorly made, the right imperfections can make the piece highly attractive.  This type of imperfection refers to techniques such as distressing and antiquing.   Though many people still like white kitchen carts, they may not find the typical flat color all that exciting.  Fortunately, it is possible to buy pre-made or custom-order furniture that has undergone techniques such as distressing and antiquing that makes every piece appear unique.  While some of these methods are machine done when the piece is manufactured in these styles, many custom-made white kitchen carts undergo hand painting and sanding that will give an entirely different texture to the piece.  This is a terrific match for country, Italian, shabby chic, and other styles of décor that require a less crisp finish.

Step 2: Find white kitchen carts that match your cabinetry

If you already have white cabinetry, it is possible to make your white kitchen carts match them precisely.  There are a few ways to accomplish this.  The first is to find out who the cabinet manufacturer was for your existing kitchen cupboards.  Then, discover whether or not they also make white kitchen carts in the same style.  If you are not that lucky, you can have custom carts made that have the whites and the woods on your cabinet doors and drawers precisely matched.  To do this, find a company that will custom-make white kitchen carts, and bring them one of your cabinet doors to copy.

Step 3: Add additional colors and accents to white kitchen carts

Just because you’d like to add white kitchen carts to your décor doesn’t mean that the entire thing will need to be white from top to bottom.  Choose some contrasting colors to make the piece truly unique and more pleasing to the eye.  With white, many people enjoy darker accents, such as a pepper granite countertop.  You might also consider a wood counter such as maple.  Don’t forget that hardware such as the pulls for drawers, the casters, or even elements such as a wine rack can be in various metals like chrome, nickel plated metals, or brushed steel.  By customizing the piece with your own choice of additional colors, you’ll give the furniture some added flair and take away from the risk of appearing bland.

By following these three steps, your white kitchen carts will look truly unique and match your home’s décor, instead of simply appearing as though you’ve just assembled it out of a box (even though that might be just what you did!).

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