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August 14, 2019

How to Tastefully Add White Marble Countertops to Your Kitchen Decor 


white marble countertopsWhite marble countertops have been a constant in kitchens for decades, giving the space a certain timelessness and classic style of décor.  That said, it doesn’t mean that adding white marble countertops to your kitchen will automatically make them attractive or trendy.  You have to use them properly to make sure that you’re getting the most out of their elegant sophistication.  If you’ve been wondering how to use white marble countertops in your own décor, then the following information will be of interest to you.

White marble countertops:  the a contemporary kitchen

The key to a contemporary kitchen décor that includes white marble countertops is to make sure to add some warmth to your décor, to avoid creating a space that is cold and sterile instead of sleek and fresh.  As contemporary décor with white marble countertops generally involves neutral colors, make sure to add enough contrasting focal pieces to draw the eye.  A favorite technique of designers is to pay close attention to the secondary colors in the veining of the natural stone and use them as the contrasting shades in the rest of the décor. 

The browns, for example, can be used on cabinets and furniture.  Equally, pink, green, gold, blue, and other colors are great for accessories such as place mats, throw rugs, and wall décor. Stainless steel appliances are ideal for this look, as well as stainless steel hardware, faucets, and sinks.  Wall paint in a light taupe or other very neutral shade will allow the white marble countertops and other accent pieces to stand out without looking too stark.

White marble countertops: the traditional kitchen

In a “traditional” kitchen without a theme, white marble countertops become the automatic focal point, especially if the kitchen includes an island.  In this décor style, rich contrasting tones work very well to offset more neutral shades.  Try to add a lush darker color to the mix such as a teak or walnut on the floor.  This will draw the eye upward to the countertops and bring warmth to the room.  Instead of using white doors on the cabinets, which can make the room appear monochromatic and flat, add some texture with an oatmeal color.  Brushed nickel hardware will add a tasteful dash of muted silver. With stainless steel appliances, you can paint the walls a pale grey, to give a crisp, clean appearance and another layer of texture.  All of these colors will allow your white marble countertops to pop.  As a result, though the room will be filled with various colors, you will still think of it as a warm white kitchen.

White marble countertops: the country kitchen 

While white marble countertops may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the kitchen in a farm house, they can actually work very nicely due to the classical essence of the natural stone.  The key in this type of kitchen is to draw the colors out of the veining and combine them with traditional wooden elements.  It is preferable to use white marble countertops with browns and/or gold in their veining, which will allow you to match those shades with the other elements in the room.  Choose cabinets either in antique white or a matching pale- to medium- brown wood, with exposed hinges for the traditional feel. 

The floor should be a rich brown wood.  If you have chosen brown cupboards, the floor should be at least a few shades darker to give depth and avoid making the room a monochromatic brown.  Appliances in white or stainless steel match these kitchens well.  Though white appliances are preferable for this décor theme, if the cabinets are also white, you may choose stainless steel to add contrast.  White or antiqued metal hardware adds an authentic country feel.  Paint the walls in a light gray with a hint of blue to give it depth and a touch of color.  Add accessories in pale blue and other shades that have been drawn from the vein of the natural stone.

White marble countertops are so versatile that they can suit almost any kind of décor, as long as you know how to do it right.

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