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June 29, 2020

The Pros and Cons of Wooden Countertops in Your Kitchen 


wooden countertopsAs is the case with any type of product or kitchen surface, wooden countertops have both their strengths and weaknesses, which must be considered before making the decision to actually buy and install them.  It is, after all, a much better idea to do your research and understand wooden countertops before tearing up your kitchen and handing over your money too quickly.  When it comes to wooden countertops, there is some care and maintenance involved, so they are not for everyone.  That said, there are also some very powerful positives that easily overcome the negatives for many homeowners. Have a look at the following pros and cons of installing wooden countertops in your kitchen, to see if they will be the right match for you.                       


Pros of wooden countertops

There are many positives to having wooden countertops in your kitchen, and these are the reason that they have remained so popular over the years, even with an ever growing number of alternatives joining the market.  Consider some of the following to help you to make your decision:

  • The appearance of wooden countertops is significantly warmer than tile, stone, or man-made materials such as solid surface.  As attractive as those other materials may be, there is something about the natural, organic character of wood that gives it both a tactile and visual warmth.
  • Depending on the style of the wooden countertops, it can be a renewable surface, which is much more environmentally friendly than petroleum-based materials and those that are mined from the Earth.  When you choose wooden countertops that are certified to be from sustainable and/or reclaimed sources, you will know that you have made a green choice.
  • Wooden countertops come in an exceptionally wide variety of different kinds of natural colors, stains, hardness, and patterns, through the use of different woods such as maple, cherry, oak, walnut, mahogany, teak, and pecan.

Cons of wooden countertops

There are some downsides to choosing wooden countertops.  Though these are not highly unpleasant weaknesses, they are important to recognize before you make your purchase as it is better to prepare yourself in advance than to find yourself with an unpleasant surprise after the installation.

  • Wooden countertops used as food preparation surfaces will require the occasional reapplication of a protective oil or wax treatment.  Though there are polyurethane treatments that are permanent and therefore never need to be reapplied, they are not considered to be appropriate for a food preparation surface, but are instead to be used in areas of service or general use.
  • If wooden countertops are not adequately protected or if you wait too long between the application of their protective treatment, water damage and other marks can easily occur.
  • The soft nature of the surface of wooden countertops means that they are much easier to scrape, chip, and dent than other counters such as stone, laminate, or solid surface. 
  • Exposure to acids (such as lemon juice or vinegar) or chemicals (such as household cleaners) that are not wiped up right away can cause damage to the wood or lead the adhesives that hold the boards together to let go.

As you can see, there is a great deal of good to say about wooden countertops, but there are a few points on the downside, as well.  By educating yourself about both the pros and the cons, you will be ready to make the right choice for your kitchen.

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