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August 14, 2019

What is a Zodiaq Quartz Countertop?  Get the Answers Before You Buy 


zodiaq quartz countertop The Zodiaq quartz countertop is an engineered product made by DuPont, which combines the latest technologies with the appeal of natural stone quartz.  The solid surface is made out of 93 percent ground quartz stone, but is bonded with polymers that are colored with dyes.  This allows the natural color and depth of the crystals to shine through, featuring their beauty and radiance.  That said, before you make the decision to buy a Zodiaq quartz countertop, there is also a great deal more for you to know.  Use the answers to the following common questions about the surface to understand what it’s all about and how one of the hardest naturally occurring minerals can add function and beauty to your kitchen remodeling.  

Is there much variety from which to choose in a Zodiaq quartz countertop?

Though deciding to buy a Zodiaq quartz countertop may sound as though your selection has already been made, there are actually a number of different varieties of these surfaces.  For example, though the slabs come in lengths of 52” by 118”, there are two different thicknesses from which you can choose.  These are 3/4” and 1 1/8”.  Moreover, due to the variety of natural colors and of the dyes added to the bonding resins, there are over 30 colors available for your Zodiaq quartz countertop, ranging from Space Black to Cloud White.

How do you care for a Zodiaq quartz countertop?

Because of the nature of both the natural stone and the bonding agents, a Zodiaq quartz countertop is exceptionally durable.  It is non porous and is resistant to most kitchen and household chemicals.  They never need to be sealed or waxed in order to maintain their appearance or durability.  Cleaning is as easy as wiping down the Zodiaq quartz countertop with a damp rag, sponge, or paper towel.  For more stubborn messes, a nonabrasive cleanser that does not contain bleach is ideal.

How durable is a Zodiaq quartz countertop?

The Zodiaq quartz countertop is highly resistant to scratches, nicks, chips, stains, and heat, due to the high durability of the quartz crystals.  That said, it is still recommended that you take the minor precautions of using a cutting board or butcher block when chopping or slicing (if only to save the blade of the knife, but also to decrease the risk of damage – especially when working with a serrated edge).  A hot pad or trivet should be used under pots, pans, and other hot items.  Any spills should be mopped up right away instead of leaving them in a puddle on the surface.  These extra minor steps help to ensure the longest and most attractive life for a Zodiaq quartz countertop.

How much does a Zodiaq quartz countertop cost?

There are several factors that come into play when calculating the total cost of a Zodiaq quartz countertop.  Though the best way to find out what your own specific Zodiaq quartz countertop price would be is to contact the seller, here are some examples that can give you a ballpark idea of how your total bill may look.  These are each based on a 28 square foot counter (a standard size), with a 5 square foot backsplash:

  • Zodiaq quartz countertop in “bianco carrara”, prepared for a double sink, with a bullnose edge: between $2,916 and $4,050.
  • Zodiaq quartz countertop in “black forest”, prepared for a single bowl sink, with a bevel edge: between $2,574 and $3,575
  • Zodiaq quartz countertop in “abyss black”, prepared for a double bowl sink, with a bevel edge: between $2,219 and $3,081

These answers should help to give you an idea as to whether these high quality, beautiful Zodiac quartz countertops will suit your kitchen remodeling and your budget.  Keep in mind that the prices do vary greatly based on color, edge, style, and size, so if budget is a deciding factor, have an estimate done for your specific style before making that final choice.

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